Yo to the Yo is currently in closed alpha. Drop your email below for endless good fortune.

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What is Yo to the Yo?

Yo to the Yo is an upcoming video game from Purple Pwny Studios for iOS and Android.

From pizzas to pocketwatches, spin them up and watch them fly. Launch novelty yoyos out of the atmosphere and slow time to snatch them by the string before they crash into the Earth.

Guide your yoyo through the rings of Saturn, over the candy-coated peaks of Europa, to the furthest reaches of the galaxy!

Who is You to the Yo?

Purple Pwny is a for-hire indie game studio from North Carolina. Yo to the Yo is being developed by @noxsucks and @thisislux in collaboration with premier French pixel artist, @thisisellian.

Please direct all inquiries and hatemail to sayhello@purplepwny.com.